If you suffer from panic attacks, you know how debilitating they can be. The loss of control, accompanied by fear and dread can be truly terrifying.

However, neurofeedback training represents a new approach to anxiety and panic attacks.

How does Neurofeedback Help Eliminate Anxiety Attack Symptoms?

Neurofeedback training is designed to re-train your brain using a process known as “operant conditioning”. Developed from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this is an all-natural approach to improving brain health.

First, we measure your brainwave output using a qEEG, also known as a “Brain Map”. This is a painless procedure and takes about twenty minutes. It measures the 4 basic brainwave frequencies generated by everyone. From slowest to fastest, they are Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta. For those patients with anxiety disorders, there is often an elevated level of Beta brainwaves on the right side of the brain.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

After the brain map is done, we will have a baseline on your brainwave activity. These results allow us to determine which brainwave frequencies are imbalanced and if they are related to your panic attack symptoms. Once this is done, a personalized training protocol to correct these imbalances is created.

A neurofeedback training session is relaxing and enjoyable. Each session is approximately 30 minutes long, during which you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie or listen to the music of your choosing (no violent or sexually explicit movies or music). Your selection should have a relaxing effect and keep your attention. While the training is going on, one or more small sensors are placed on your scalp using a conductive paste to measure your brainwaves in real time. The data collected by the sensors is used to provide “feedback” to the brain, by creating changes in the audio and visual components of the video (or in the case of audio-only, changes in the volume).

This happens many times during a normal 30-minute neurofeedback session. Over time, your brain develops new neural connections in response to the continued training. Since these new pathways are more balanced, the panic attack and anxiety symptoms diminish, and in many cases are eliminated entirely.

Eliminate Anxiety Attacks Long Term

Because neurofeedback training helps your brain create actual new pathways, anxiety, and panic attack symptoms may be able to be eliminated in the long term. Much like riding a bicycle, once your brain has learned this new way of thinking, it stays with you.  On top of lasting results, there are no medications involved in this training, which means no side effects! The AAPB (Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback) rates neurofeedback’s help with anxiety as Efficacious: Level 4.

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