Neurofeedback Testimonials

For Greg, being able to sleep more soundly and for longer lengths of time meant less irritability, improved concentration and reduced depression and anxiety. Overall Greg feels his health challenges are at least 80% better. 

Are you interested in seeing if you can be helped? At Michigan Brain Health we use a drug-free approach to insomnia, depression and concentration challenges using neurofeedback (home or office based), functional medicine, biofeedback and nutritional support. 

“Alyssa has been struggling in 5th grade and with the new grading system (1=Below grade level, 2=Coming up to grade level, 3=At grade level+). We always received 1’s for Alyssa’s work-rarely a 2 and never a 3. Tests were generally showing 12 problems with 2 right and 10 wrong. Since starting neurointegration at Michigan ADD Solutions with Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, in December and continuing with NAET sessions focusing on the brain and going gluten-free, Alyssa has received tests and papers back showing 2’s and 3’s AND one tests with 13 questions, she had 3 wrong and 10 right! I hope to see more changes for the better as we continue neurofeedback, NAET & a gluten free diet and hope to see good results on her grades as well as her next IQ test.”
Michele S.

“When I first brought my son, Jake, to Dr. Johnson almost two years ago, he was a noisy, destructive, couldn’t sit still hyperactive child of 4. I was at the end of my rope and didn’t know what to do. Dr. Johnson recommended a supplement and told me I wouldn’t see any improvement for 3 or 4 months. Several weeks went by, and I was ready to give up. However, I soon noted Jake wasn’t as noisy, could actually sit still for a minute. It had been three and one-half months since he started treatment. Soon he was behaving and listening to me. Before I couldn’t give hime a “time out” because he couldn’t control himself enough to sit still. Now he can and he does. Recently with school starting, Jake went back to his former speech teacher, who hadn’t seen him in over a year. She couldn’t believe the change. He had gone from a two-word vocabulary to sentences. He has made tremendous progress, but there is still more work to do. With Dr. Johnson’s help, I know my son will continue to improve. An additional benefit my family has experienced since coming to the clinic is wellness. My husband has not yet seen the light and come to Dr. Johnson, so he catches many colds and viruses going around. My two sons and I always used to get sick too. Now only my husband continues to get “sick” – my sons and I remain healthy. Thank you, Dr. Johnson”

“In my opinion, I have seen remarkable benefits from Dr. Karl Johnson’s Michigan Brain Health program. His program includes “Interactive Metronome”, brain mapping and realignment, nutritional support, dietary changes and many other amendments. My son Evan has shed most evidences of his formerly debilitating ADHD, including destructive oppositional and compulsive behaviors. My oldest son, Alex, is a gifted musician who also suffered from ADHD. He was attending college on a full scholarship for piano performance, but his senior grades were suffering, and he was unable to memorize the lengthy classical piano works required for his degree. We got Alex in to see Dr. Johnson in about the middle of Alex’s senior year. Alex told me that Dr. Johnson’s treatments were responsible for his excellent finals grades, and more significantly, the stupendous feat he performed at his undergraduate piano performance recital: Alex memorized 137 pages of incredibly complex, concert-level music, and performed it in entirety over a 3 hour period! No printed music – just Alex, a piano and an enthralled audience. Before Dr. Johnson’s Michigan Brain Health program, Alex complained of “brain fog” spoiling his ability to learn and memorize. Dr. Johnson’s treatments dissipated that fog, along with most of Alex’s ADHD.”
Bruce K.

“Jonathan couldn’t even sit down and concentrate. He knew that he wasn’t focusing, and so he would have to get up. He would ask for music to be played or some other thing to keep him from being so distracted. Now he can sit. People can talk. His brothers can talk to him, and he’ll tell them to go away, because I need to focus on my homework. So now once of his goals was to start this school year without his ADHD medication. He was able to do that. He’s successful. Right now, he’s telling us he feels more focused now than even when he was on the medication. I am very happy with Dr. Johnson’s treatment program for my son!”
Jonathan’s Mom

“Since Stanley started the nutrition and diet part of his program he doesn’t have any of his stomach issues. For the first time in a long time he hasn’t had his diarrhea or he hasn’t thrown up, and he even said himself that for the first time that his stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. Stanley is also doing a lot better in school. He’s not getting kicked out of class, kicked out of school. This will be his sixth week I think just at school, and he hasn’t gotten one phone call home, and the notes every day from school have been positive. I have also noticed how he looks at things has changed for the better. He has a little bit of anxiety, which has toned down tremendously with his care program. Stanley also does his homework. He sits at the table and does his homework. I don’t have to sit there with him for like and monitor what he’s doing; he does it on his own now. I wanted to add when we first came in, his report card was all F’s, and now as of today, I looked at his grades and he has A’s and B’s. It’s phenomenal the way that he’s just taking off with this program.”
Stanley’s Mom

“Well we were talking about that the biggest problems we noticed last year was in school. And after school he would get home around four o’clock and he would have two to five pages of homework that he would bring home, and it was a struggle from four o’clock all the way to his bedtime at eight. And he would cry through it and not get any of it done. But I was saying that I’ve noticed recently that he’s come home with one page of math homework that he’s able to sit and finish five to ten minutes, so it’s been a huge, huge improvement with his school work. We are very happy with the program; We’ve noticed so many changes along the way that it’s been great. I mean we’re always nervous at first because we were sort of lost in what direction to go, but after we’ve gone through the program, what we’ve noticed with him has been huge.”
Thomas’ Dad