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Meet Dr. Karl Johnson, DC, BCN, FIFHI, FICPA

Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson has been providing exceptional care to patients since graduating magna cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1983. With a strong dedication to his profession, he founded Advanced Chiropractic Care Center, PC, now known as Johnson Chiropractic Neurology & Nutrition, in May of that same year. As a highly respected practitioner, Dr. Johnson has focused on helping individuals with chronic conditions that have not responded well to other treatments or who have not achieved their recovery goals using conventional methods.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dr. Johnson is a certified graduate of the American Functional Neurology Institute, with extensive postgraduate study in neurology totaling over 400 hours. He is also board-certified in neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance and holds fellowships in the Institute for Human Individuality and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr. Johnson remains committed to ongoing research and learning, earning him a reputation among his patients as a doctor who goes above and beyond to uncover the underlying causes of health challenges.

Dr. Johnson firmly believes in a holistic approach to patient care, recognizing that you are not defined by your illness, but rather, by the multitude of factors that contribute to your overall well-being. With a wealth of knowledge gained from esteemed physicians and researchers in the fields of functional medicine and neurofeedback, Dr. Johnson is passionate about providing drug-free solutions for brain health. He has received specialized training in cutting-edge techniques such as the Safe and Sound Protocol, Heart Math heart rate variability biofeedback, Interactive Metronome, and IM Home systems. Additionally, Dr. Johnson is board certified in neurofeedback (BCIA BCN). At Michigan Brain Health, the focus is on optimizing brain function to enhance daily performance. This is achieved through brain-wave training, nutritional interventions to modulate gut-mediated inflammation, and teaching individuals how to reduce their fight or flight nervous system response (CNS arousal dysregulations) through heart rate variability biofeedback and the Safe and Sound Protocol program.

Neurofeedback is a powerful tool he utilizes to optimize brain function. Grounded in basic learning theory, neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback, trains the brain to enhance self-regulation and discover more efficient pathways for improved management and healing. While neurofeedback doesn’t directly treat conditions, it assists the nervous system in making adjustments to improve overall function.

The profound benefits of neurofeedback have been demonstrated in a wide range of conditions, offering significant improvements, remediation, and relief. When combined with nutritional support to enhance body function, neurofeedback may even provide assistance with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and concussion effects. It’s important to note that EEG biofeedback is not a medical procedure and cannot diagnose or treat mental or neurological disorders. Instead, it focuses on gradually and sequentially increasing a person’s competence through coaching and biofeedback.


Member of the International Association of Functional Neurology & Rehabilitation
Member International Society for Neuroregulation & Research
Member of the American Chiropractic Association
Member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors
Member of the Macomb County Chiropractic Association


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