Do you frequently go to bed in pain or with your mind so busy that you find it hard to close your eyes and actually sleep? If so, you may be one of the one in three adults that Cleveland Clinic says have insomnia symptoms or a part of the 10% with a true sleeping disorder.

Today, Michigan Brain Health shares a few quick tips on how you might calm your mind and make better friends with your pillow.

Consider Your Environment

First things first, it’s time to take a close look at your sleeping environment. If your room is bright and loud in the evenings, it’s time to dim the lights and turn the volume to mute. Unfortunately, if you’re in an inner-city area, your noises may be coming from outside. In this case, you can’t control everyone else, but you can control where you live. If you are a renter, especially, you may not be able to do all the things you need to keep noise at bay, so before you spend another restless night, consider renting a new home.

Manage Your Work Schedule

Since the start of the pandemic, many of us have moved from the cubicle to the kitchen table. If you’re one of the millions of adults that work from home, you may have found that sleep is much more difficult in the last few years. But you can change your routine, keep your work relegated to one room, and stay away from the coffee maker after lunch. These steps can help you create a clear separation between home and work. Something else to do is turn your screens to their blue light filtering settings, which Vision Center asserts may help you sleep more soundly.


If you’re not familiar with neurofeedback, now might be a great time to research brain training. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or other disorder or have experienced a brain injury, neurofeedback can help your brain move into a healthy pattern that may just help you stay internally calm and relaxed so that you can best cozy up under the covers when it’s time to meet Mr. Sandman.

Do Some Yoga

While it’s a good idea to avoid most exercise in the hours before bed, there are many yoga poses that can have you settling in for a sound or sleep. Poor quality of sleep can have a major effect on everything from your appetite to your ability to stay productive at work. Something as simple as the thunderbolt pose or child’s pose will stretch your muscles and produce a relaxing effect that waves over your entire body.

Banish Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of Americans each year. Causes range from back injury to poor posture to having large breasts or being overweight. But your back pain may also have a lot to do with your mattress and whether or not you are pregnant. To relieve back pain while you sleep, consider changing your sleep position or, if budget allows, invest in a new mattress or pillows. You can also try sleeping with a supportive pillow between your legs to align your spine. Another consideration is to visit a Doctor of Chiropractic to help you with alleviating your back pain. Chiropractors offer a drug-free approach to back pain and can use a variety of natural methods to help improve your back pain. Some of the treatments are:

Insomnia is caused by many different issues, from brain injuries to a saggy mattress. Fortunately, you can overcome many of these through small steps, such as changing your daily routine, to bigger life decisions, like moving to a new home or visiting a provider for neurofeedback to help retrain your brain so that you respond to stimuli in a less stimulating way. Ultimately, not getting enough sleep is terrible for your overall health, and you deserve a good night’s rest each and every evening.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Sleep?

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