How Does Neurofeedback Work?

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Neurofeedback works by a process known as “operant conditioning”. This is a fully natural process that everyone uses all the time. In neurofeedback training, it`s much more efficient and can be designed to help balance your brainwave generation into healthier, more balanced patterns.

Remember learning to ride a bike? Or possibly learning to play a musical instrument? To do that, you kept repeating the activity, making small corrections each time you practiced. Over time, you managed to stay on the bike or play the instrument. With practice and repetition accompanied by feedback during those lessons.

This is “operant conditioning” in the real world. It`s a natural learning process, and as a result, it is a safe technology that can produce long-term changes in the neural pathways of the brain, just like learning to ride a bike did. The results last a lifetime – just like riding a bike, once you learn how you don`t forget, do you?

Neurofeedback is a proven technology for better brain health

In fact, it has been around since the 1970s. There are decades of research and case studies that document its effectiveness in improving brain health. Advances in computer technology have made it possible for doctors to easily administer neurofeedback in their clinics.

Neurofeedback training has 3 main goals

  • Identify imbalances in brainwave generation (Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta)
  • Using training sessions, balance the brainwave patterns
  • Teach the brain to maintain regular patterns permanently

Neurofeedback works by providing “feedback” based on the real-time brainwave activity of the brain. During a training session, one or more small sensors are placed on your scalp. These electrodes have a paste on them which makes it easier to pick up brain wave patterns. For approximately 30 minutes, you get to sit back, relax, and watch a movie (or listen to audio or music) of your choice (no violent or sexually explicit movies or music).”

During these training sessions, the computer monitors your brainwaves, looking for any that are out of the desired range, based on the protocol designed from your brain map taken earlier. When it finds one, the system triggers a response that causes the software to dim the video and lower the audio inputs. This real-time feedback allows the audio and visual elements of the video (or in the case of audio-only, changes the volume) to encourage increases in brain waves that are lacking and/or decreases in brain waves that are too high.

Long term improvements

These measurements are fast (milliseconds in length). Your brain responds equally quickly. So, in a 30-minute training session, you can receive 4 to 5 hundred feedback signals. Each time one of these signals creates a response, your brain is building new, healthier neural connections. The result, long long-term improvement in the brainwave patterns, and a better balanced, more efficient brain.

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