Home Based Brain Training

There is only one thing better than having Dr. Johnson individualize your treatment in our office, and that is doing it yourself, anytime, from the comfort of your own home.

Renting our equipment gives you the flexibility to do a quick 20-minute Neurofeedback session on yourself or family member anytime, anywhere. You decide when you complete the trainings and how often per week, without any additional costs.

Some clients enjoy the benefits of paying one monthly rental fee and doing more Neurofeedback sessions anytime they want.

Don’t worry, we will continue to monitor your Neurofeedback sessions weekly by electronic data transfer. We will fully train you on how to use the remote home equipment. No worries about messing up anything, the settings will be locked and only our trained clinicians will be able to change them.

Contact us for a consultation to learn more about remote home training.

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