Home Training Neurofeedback Units

We now offer our patients the technology that allows them to receive in-office quality neurofeedback at home. 

Newly developed by NewMind Technologies, these compact units use the same EEG-driven training protocols that our larger, in-office units utilize. While in-office training remains my preference for most of my patients, this at home training can work in many cases, without the need to drive to our office several times per week.

Decrease Your Exposure

If you are in the at-risk group for the Covid 19 virus, this will enable you to train while minimizing your exposure. We still need to perform an in-office brain-map, and subsequent report, but once that`s done, you will be provided with a take home unit and an app for use with your home computer. We will also demonstrate for you how to use the equipment, to insure an excellent training experience.

To do neurofeedback training at home, we recommend a quiet, softly lit room, like the ones in our office. Electronics should be turned off, to decrease interference with the brain measurements during the training session itself. (Turn off your cell phone!)

No More Traffic!

The investment in our home training program is no more than in-office training, but for those patients who live further away, this allows for you to get professional level neurofeedback without the driving or traffic. All of the sessions are recorded, as with our in-office training, and the routine follow-ups will be done by phone or our HIPAA compliant patient portal. Each training session is recorded on our cloud-based system for my review, just like our in-office sessions.

Computer requirements: (CPU: Quad-core or better) (Operating System: Windows 10) (Memory (RAM): 8 GB or higher) Graphics Card: 2 GB dedicated preferred but if you cannot find a computer with one, you can use the built-in one.

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