Depression Can change your life, and over time the symptoms can worsen, if not treated properly.

Neurofeedback Can Help.

Typically, EEG (electro-encephalogram) studies of people suffering from depression reveal imbalances in the Alpha brainwave distribution in their brains. Excess Alpha brainwaves can lead to feelings of sadness, apathy, insomnia, loss of motivation, and many other negative feelings. Neurofeedback training works by re-training the brain and can help teach the brain to even out these imbalances and asymmetry. Neurofeedback helps create new neural pathways, improving Alpha brainwave balance, which in turn decreases the feelings and the effects of depression. The AAPB¬†(Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback)¬†rates neurofeedback’s help with depression as Efficacious: Level 4.

One of Our Patient`s Own Experiences

In her own words, our teenage patient Maddie describes how neurofeedback and Dr. Johnson eliminated her depression and anxiety:

What happens in a neurofeedback training session?

Neurofeedback training sessions are a relaxing, enjoyable experience. All you need to do is come in, sit comfortably, relax, and watch a video or listen to music that you select (no violent or sexually explicit movies or music) that you select. While the training is going on, we will place one or more small sensors lightly on your scalp using a conductive paste to measure your brainwave activity in real-time. These measurements provide us with continuous feedback on how your brain is functioning.

If your Alpha brainwave energy goes too high, like when you are depressed, the computer will create real-time changes in the audio and visual inputs in response. Your brain notices and responds to these changes, balancing the Alpha brainwave energy over time. Just like physical exercise can create new muscle fibers, neurofeedback promotes new, healthier neural connections in the brain. The result- an end or reduction to your depression symptoms!

Neurofeedback Creates Long-term Change.

Because neurofeedback training creates actual new neural pathways in the brain, the results of the training last a long time. These new, healthier pathways are permanent, allowing long-term relief from your depression symptoms.

Are you ready to feel better?

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