Natural Elimination of Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia

If you or someone you know are suffering from anxiety, depression, or insomnia I’d like to welcome you. In the next few minutes, I’m going to share information about a technology that can eliminate the symptoms of these conditions entirely without drugs or medications of any kind.

Brain Activity Can Be Measured

Just as a certified trainer can evaluate your body and determine where it’s healthy and what kind of exercise you need to do to improve it, we can now do a real-time evaluation of how your brain is working as well. This process of evaluating your brain is known as “brain mapping.” Think about it this way: If you’re driving to work and you pull up Google Maps. Google Maps can tell you where traffic is busy and where it’s not. And if you’re fortunate you can figure out how to get yourself to work quicker, save yourself a lot of time. Really valuable when you’re going to work. Well, think about how much more valuable a brain map is if we can figure out where your brain is working properly and where corrections might be needed to make it work better. We can do that.

Anxiety Patterns

To begin with, your brain-based disorder is most likely due to irregular brainwave generation in the first place. For example, folks who suffer from anxiety frequently have high levels of beta brainwaves on the right-hand side of the brain. These excessive high-frequency waves are responsible for feelings of anxiety. Now, beta brainwaves are present all the time but they’re usually more present when you’re thinking hard about something. If you can’t shut them off it tends to lead to worry. Well, anybody who’s ever suffered from anxiety can associate the fact that excessive worry can lead to anxious feelings and in some cases even panic attacks. It’s not your imagination. It’s actually how your brain is working.

Depression Attributes

Folks with depression will typically have elevated alpha brainwaves on the left-hand side of the brain. Now, alpha brainwaves are slower brainwaves, usually seen when you’re sleeping or deeply meditative or very relaxed. They’re great when you’re sleeping. However, if you’re awake, it’s 2:00 in the afternoon and you’re trying to focus and get something done and your brain is half asleep, do you think you’ll be able to get done what you need to? Probably not. Unfortunately, it also leads to slower thoughts and it’s very difficult to remain positive when your brain is not functioning at its best.

Insomnia Challenges

People with insomnia have issues typically on both sides of the brain. They find it difficult to sleep because very often their brain is fighting on both sides all night long. We often find insomnia sufferers show attributes of a “busy mind”. In our brain mapping system high levels of brain wave activity in beta at P3 and P4 as shown in the image above, are often associated with a brain that just won’t settle down. Unfortunately, the busy mind makes it difficult to sleep. Thankfully, we often can help change this pattern with neurofeedback brainwave training.

Neurofeedback Training

I’d like to introduce neurofeedback training. Now, neurofeedback training is a new technology that can correct brainwave imbalances. Think of it as “gym for your brain.” However, it’s a lot easier than going to the gym. All you have to do is watch a movie. If you’re capable of that you can improve your brainwave function with neurofeedback training. Let me explain how.

This gentleman is sitting watching a movie while he’s undergoing neurofeedback training. He’s wearing a pair of photic entrainment glasses, he’s got a set of headphones on, and although you can’t see them, he’s got a pair of sensors measuring the output, the brainwave output of his brain. Now, this brainwave output is then put into our NewMind neurofeedback system. If you’re a patient in our office your brain map will have already been done and your information will be put into our system so that we can use it to compare against. What happens next is if your brain stays within normal parameters this information is going to be given back to you with audio and visual signals. If it goes outside the parameters, the movie will go dim. If it stays inside the parameters, the movie stays clear. It’s a painless process. All you have to do is relax and watch the movie. The technology does the rest.

Build a Better Functioning Brain

What does a better brain map look like? This is a comparison of a brain map report of an individual 62 years old suffering from sub-optimal sleep and low mood disorder. The top head maps are from before the first session of neurofeedback. The lower image is the same individual after many sessions of neurofeedback. Which one do you think looks better? If you picked the one on the bottom you’d be right. I know because these are mine. I’m not only sharing with you information about technology; it has been proven to work elsewhere all over the world. But I’m happy to share with you information about technology that has changed my life for the better.

Is Neurofeedback Safe? Are There Side Effects?

Are there any side effects? Neurofeedback has few side effects when administered properly. The most common side effects of neurofeedback include improved sleep, more awareness of dreams, feeling calmer, feeling more energy, and feeling more focused. Training with neurofeedback can occasionally result in an adverse response that temporarily increases symptoms that are typically associated with relaxation and calming of the central nervous system such as fatigue, headache, lightheadedness, dizziness, irritability, moodiness, weeping, insomnia, agitation, difficulties with focus and anxiety. These potential reactions that may occur during or right after a neurofeedback session are temporary and typically only last for 24 to 48 hours. Once clients become more relaxed and aware, they tend to integrate past emotional issues and these symptoms subside. It is also possible that you might fall asleep during or after neurofeedback sessions.

How Long Do The Effects of Neurofeedback Last?

How long do the benefits last? And this is key and one of the neatest things about neurofeedback training. Just like riding a bike, the memory stays with you. Once trained, your brain will retain and improve upon the better brainwave patterns from the very first time you get trained till after the last training session and from that point forward. You’ll just keep getting better and better as your brain continues to consolidate and use these better brainwave patterns. Think about it this way: If you in fact ever learned how to ride a bike and you kept riding it from that point forward, say 15 or 20 years, after 20 years you’d probably be a pretty good bike rider, wouldn’t you? Well, yeah, you sure would. The same thing is basically true here. Once your brain has healed and thinks better it will continue to use these better patterns from that point forward.

Next Steps to Better Function

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