I am pleased to introduce neurofeedback to the Shelby Township area of Southeast Michigan. Also known as Brain Training, this groundbreaking approach incorporates state-of-the-art equipment with the expertise of our professionally trained staff. Neurofeedback is ideal for helping people who suffer from medical conditions such as:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Obsessive / OCD
  • Addiction
  • PTSD / Stress
  • Epilepsy / Seizures
  • Seizures
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Stroke
  • Brain Injury
  • Substance Abuse
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Weight Loss


For over 40 years the accepted treatment for neurological symptoms has been the use of medications. However, the disadvantages to medicating the brain are becoming more widely known. Side effects are common, and stopping the medication often results in a return of the symptoms. Patients are becoming increasingly frustrated with high-cost medications that do not offer a long-term resolution to their symptoms.

There are other ways to change the brain that are non-invasive and more natural. It’s no secret that the food you eat and the exercise you do is critical to brain function. But this is often not enough to alleviate more serious conditions. In my practice utilizing a metabolic and a neurological approach together has consistently shown the best results by getting to the root causes beneath the health challenge the patient presents with. Rather than treating the condition I am helping restore the patient’s physiology back to self-regulating balance. I call this combination approach Johnson Neuro-Metabolic Therapy. Using chiropractic’s neurological heritage is often the keystone that “cracks the code” on chronic health challenges. This new tool called Neurofeedback helps us speed up the process of changing neurological function more towards normal with objective measurements that are backed by years of research. In the end, the most important measure of success for the patient is; do I have my life back? Can I now do the things I used to be able to do and desperately want to get back to doing? I am happy to say that over the years hundreds of patients have been able to say yes to those questions. Now with the proven science behind neurofeedback, even more, difficult cases can be helped.


Fortunately, a new field called Neurofeedback has emerged that is yielding positive results for many people with debilitating neurological symptoms. Neurofeedback has been shown to be incredibly powerful when done right with a board-certified practitioner. There are many case studies of people who have changed their lives for the better by using neurofeedback. Research has shown people of all ages see a dramatic improvement in ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Brain Injury, Migraines, Seizures, Chronic Pain, Addiction, and more. Results like these have become too common to ignore.

Neurofeedback is not an instant process. It takes time for the brain to change and learn. Often many sessions are needed to see any results. But often, once clients are functioning better and have fewer symptoms, they can reduce their reliance on medication.

Neurofeedback has been proven to change the brain – to change timing in the brain. It’s published in scientific literature. It’s used by thousands of licensed health professionals around the world. It could be the most important new tool available for mental and neurological health.


Neurofeedback (also called Neuro Therapy) is a non-invasive process where brain waves are monitored in real-time by a computer, which can then use that information to produce changes in brainwave activity. The process of adjusting brainwave activity is known as operant conditioning, which is a method where rewards for positive behavior increase learning capabilities.


The computer monitors your brainwaves while you watch a movie or listen to music. When deviations from normal brainwave activity occur, the computer triggers an audio or visual cue that alerts the patient that they are outside normal ranges. These cues are received by the brain, which subconsciously adjusts itself back to a normal pattern to make the cue stop. With enough repetition of this process, the brain eventually learns to stay in the normal ranges on its own without the computer. With the brain functioning normally on its own, symptoms of irregular brain activity will decline.

Neurofeedback Loop

It has been well documented that people who suffer neurological problems have abnormal brain waves in certain areas of the brain. For instance, case studies using qEEG “brain maps” have shown that people with Attention-Deficit-Disorder (ADD) have elevated delta brainwaves, while those who suffer from depression have elevated alpha brainwaves. Those with anxiety will have elevated Beta brainwaves, while those suffering from memory loss usually have decreased theta brainwaves.

Training the brain using neurofeedback can change these brainwaves over time, adjusting them into normal, healthy ranges. It can improve alertness, attention, emotional regulation, behavior, cognitive function, and mental flexibility. When the brain moves back into normal ranges, users will often see a reduction in symptoms.

The best part of neurofeedback is that results are often permanent, allowing a person to reduce or even eliminate medications altogether (of course by the prescribing physician). Where medications only manage the symptoms, the goal of neurofeedback is to address the underlying cause and restore normal brainwave functions.

For more information, you can visit my neurofeedback website at MichiganBrainHealth.com. I plan on offering this new service first to our existing patients who are in need of the procedure. We will start with brain mapping and then move on to the actual neurofeedback training with current patients.

Stop suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, depression, ADD, and other signs of brain and body imbalance. Come in for your Free Evaluation and see for yourself how beneficial the Michigan Brain Health neurofeedback program can be for your health challenges.

Always remember one of my mantras., “The more you know about how your body works, the better you can take care of yourself.”

For more details about the natural approach I take with my patients, take a look at the book I wrote entitled: Reclaim Your Life; Your Guide To Revealing Your Body’s Life-Changing Secrets For Renewed Health. It is available in my office or at Amazon and many other book outlets. If you found value in this article, please use the social sharing icons at the bottom of this post, and please share with those you know who are still suffering from chronic health challenges, despite receiving medical management. Help me reach more people so they may regain their zest for living! Thank you!